You may be familiar with our 50L Coco Coir and Coco Coir Bitz bags, well Cyco now have a 5 kg / 11 lb compressed brick giving you the same quality Cyco Coco Coir & Coco Bitz with the RHP brand in a smaller compressed size giving you 55L/14.5 gal… just add water.

      • • Pre buffered & pH stabilized
        • High water absorption & essential air ratio
        • Biodegradable
        • Environmentally friendly
        • Free from pests
        • Free from viruses
        • Free from chemical additives
        • Washed Coco Coir
        • Features RHP premium quality

Place Cyco Coco Coir brick into a suitable container, pour approx 25 litres (6-8 gallons) of water over the brick and allow sufficent time for the water to soak in. Stir until Coco coir is light and fluffy.

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