The Cyco sales reps visit many of our retailers websites during their travels globally, if they see you have used
Cyco graphics with a link back to on your websites front page then you will
receive some free Cyco products* for your time and effort.

We have created an online area containing a large assortment of images, videos and useful files for our
certified retailers & distributors to use when creating advertising and online stores.


Contains product images on transparent background for use.
with advertising and online stores, label backgrounds.

Various Cyco logos we use on a daily basis for you to use in your advertising, website.

This excel file contains all product text for use on your online store
also includes weights and measurements which will be very handy for your online store shipping modules. If you do not own Excel you can download Open Office a free alternative to Microsoft Office and open the product information file.

A collection of product videos with voice over.

PMS and Hex Color codes, Photoshop swatch for all Cyco
products for use on websites and print.

SDS pdfs for all Cyco products.

Cyco Platinum Series Feedchart PDFs

As we create new marketing material we will upload them to these locations for you to use
in your advertising media be it online or print. If there are particular custom graphics
you require for your website, store windows or general graphics, then
please email with sizes and specs and we will do our
best to get something created for you or have a chat to one of our reps when
they visit your store. * (Sales reps and Distributors to determine samples given).