Dear Valued Client

Since Cyco Platinum Series introduction to the global market, we have always prided ourselves on producing an industry-leading product low in preservatives, fillers, colours and heavy metals.
In the ever-expanding medical cannabis market, it is expected that the standard of inputs will need to be pure and precise and face more rigorous and stringent testing. That’s why Cyco Platinum Series is pleased to announce that as of June 2021 Batch #6262 and greater, we have started using input tracing, allowing us to have greater control over our manufacturing process, ensuring identical purity levels across all Cyco Platinum Series products each time it’s manufactured.

In addition to input tracing, we have an independent industry-leading lab here in Australia as well as a highly technical lab located in the USA. This will enable us to provide lab reports and COAs (Certificate of Analysis) for every batch manufactured for the entire Cyco Platinum Series range of liquid fertilizers via our online request form.

While we pride ourselves in setting industry standards for regulatory compliance throughout the world, the recent updates &  refinements of our quality assurance, regulatory and internal control mechanisms mean we can now take the  stringent benchmarks used over previous years to even greater levels of accuracy and offer our end user whether they’re a large commercial grow or a hobby grower more detailed report than previously available for allowed heavy metals which are now BDL (Below Detectable Levels) where possible. Bringing the Cyco Platinum Series range of liquid fertilizer to an unseen standard in the fertilizer industry… “Something I am extremely proud of”.

All Cyco Platinum Series customers can now request information on any product batch manufactured after June 2021 via the online form below; we will send the reports requested directly to your email.
”Implementing these quality control measures, enable us to deliver a product without equal, to our retail partners and Cyco customers that we can stand by and guarantee.”

Thank you for using Cyco and welcome to a new standard of fertilizer manufacturing.

Regards and

Shaun Jones | Owner

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