We here at Cyco Platinum Series pride ourselves on using only the very best materials available, sourced from pharmaceutical grade suppliers in the manufacturing of the Cyco Platinum Series range of liquid fertilizers. Along with exacting standards and a quality-controlled manufacturing process, we can guarantee that our product will give predictable performance results time after time in optimum growing conditions.

This however does not take into account your growing experience, environment and other third-party products you may introduce in conjunction with the Cyco range. These factors, unfortunately are out of our control and can dramatically affect your end result. We here at Cyco, strive to give you the very best start… the rest is up to you.

The shelf life of Cyco liquid products will depend on storing them correctly, stored in a cool, dark location the unopened product has a manufacturers warranty of 2 years. Always replace the cap as soon as possible after pouring to extend the life of the product.

We wish you the very best in your grow and are readily available through our websites & live chat for any further information you may require.