The Cyco Platinum series product range has proven to be very popular with our customers. Once they use them they stick with them, and as far as retail sales go it is good to have return trade. There is never any complaints back from the customers and they seem to like using the whole range of additives on top of the nutrients as described in the Cyco Catalogue.


Darren (South Pacific Hydroponics)


Our names are Mick and Annie from Sunlight Hydroponics in Blacktown NSW. We have been in this industry since 1991. In this time I’ve chased new products and found just about every nutrient and used them but found myself always coming back to canna. Another rep came into our store with a product called CYCO PLATINUM SERIES.

When i used the Cyco recommended products and feeding program “WELL” through their grow program the plants were so healthy and lush, they actually looked like plastic plants, and using their recommended flowering program our results nearly doubled…


Thank you Mick and Annie

Sunlight Hydroponics


Here at Mirror Paints we have stocked the Cyco range of hydroponic nutrients for a few years now. At first we only stocked a few selected products, but as customer interest grew it increased to the full range.

The customer feed back I have received from the Platinum series has been amazing. People have been surprised how good it is, many have dropped rival products because they just don’t perform like Cycoflower.

B1 Boost and Dr Repair have been used to revive plants lacking in vigour and health. Some customers are reluctant to try new products but once they see how good Cyco is they keep coming back.



Mirror Paints, Victoria


My shop has been going here in Qld since 1998, I have learnt over the years to stock what the customers want and to tread carefully with the new products because generally people like to stick with what they know.

I initially got interested in Cyco because of the efforts gone into the presentation of their range, from my experience if anyone is going to put this much effort into their product it’d have to be good! So I followed my instincts went ahead with the stand and hand picked what I thought would sell from the range and gave it a go.

When my second order arrived and i found myself selling it before I even had time to get it off the pallet I realized I made the right decision. My customers LOVE it.

Because it looks good it is easy to sell… because it works well they come back for more

Fran Burgess
Fran’s Hydroponics