Recommended Storage

Now that you have your Cyco products, you need to look after your investment by storing the products in the best way possible. Keeping your nutrients away from natural & artificial light will help stop the degradation of your nutrients over time; this is especially the case with intense hydro lighting, best practice is to store your nutrients in a cool, dark area with the lid replaced tightly immediately after use.

Always shake your nutrient bottle before use to be sure any solids that may of appeared while stored are dissolved back into the mixture so your plants are receiving the full benefits of the product in the bottle, using a nutrient with solids in the liquid may cause the plant to suffer deficiencies at a later stage of the growth due to the components dropping out of the solution giving your plants a substandard nutrient solution mix.

Winter temperatures in some countries can stay below freezing for extended periods.

This will be detrimental possibly causing precipitation (the opposite of dissolving), the liquid becomes so cold that solids are formed from nutrient dropping out of the solution in the form of crystals, these crystals or solids cause the nutrient to lose its full potential and will not be taken up correctly by the plant causing deficiencies and possible problems later in your grow.

The best option is to avoid this issue, but it can be remedied by placing the bottle in hot water, and giving the bottle a good shake until the crystals are fully dissolved back into the solution.

Then take steps to avoid this happening in the future, perhaps placing your nutrients in a cupboard in your grow room to take advantage of the warmer environment provided by the lighting.